The Apollo Advantage


Apollo products have become preferred tools for so many users by offering evidence-based, continuously updated materials in an economical and easily accessible format. The comprehensive information resources developed by Apollo Managed Care put the power of information in your hands – easily and affordably. The portfolio of expertly prepared and continuously updated Apollo web-based applications provides access to review criteria and guidelines that can offer greater cost efficiency and productivity, higher quality of care and more consistency in the decision-making process.


Fast access to affordable, evidence-based review criteria and guidelines that include resource utilization management (UM) strategies, enable users of Apollo guidance to quickly resolve questions and determine courses of action with a minimum investment of time and money. And because Apollo products are individually available at significantly lower cost than many alternatives, it’s even easier to maximize your return on investment through effective and defensible decision-making.

Upload: June 10, 2015


Put the power of Apollo guidance at your fingertips using our web-based portal and see why so many companies are choosing Apollo Managed Care applications for their healthcare review criteria and clinical guidelines.

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