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Apollo's New Web Portal Is Here

The Apollo Managed Care online guidance has been redesigned to deliver the information you need more quickly and easily.  It's the same Apollo medical review criteria and guideline content; only faster and simpler to use.  Apollo's newly designed database includes faster load times, an improved user interface and streamlined navigation - all to improve productivity.  Contact us for a price quote or to schedule a demo.

Apollo Adds Severity of Illness/Intensity of Service (SI/IS) Guideline

What is Severity of Illness/Intensity of Service (SI/IS)?

Severity of Illness/Intensity of Service (SI/IS) criteria provide an objective generic framework to establish the medical necessity for inpatient hospital care that is superior to generalized clinical pathways, diagnostic-related groups, or disease staging. Severity of Illness/Intensity of Service not only establishes a basis for hospital care, but also the level of care within the hospital (i.e., observation stay, inpatient admission, or a critical care service).

SI/IS criteria can be applied to psychiatric as well as medical-surgical care. These concepts are applicable to the care of individuals of any age.

MS-DRG and APR-DRG length of stay systems are statistical averages of data obtained from large populations admitted for hospital care. This data cannot be rigidly applied to medically necessary hospital-based care for a specific patient.

Severity of illness must be established before it is possible to review for intensity of service. Documentation must include the current clinical status/dysfunction, risk of deterioration, comorbidities that contribute to medical risk and care requirements.

This new guideline can be found in Apollo's Medical Review Criteria for Managing Care and Acute Care Inpatient Review Criteria Guidelines.  Contact us for more information or to set up a demo.


Apollo Managed Care Incorporates ICD-10 Codes for October 1 Deadline

Apollo Managed Care has added ICD-10 codes, while retaining ICD-9 codes, to Apollo review criteria and guideline documents. Apollo also features a mapping tool for convenient cross-reference between code versions. These new enhancements have been instituted to facilitate a smoother transition to the new coding standard.
Although codes attached to Apollo's review criteria and guidelines are not coding tools, Apollo incorporates ICD codes as part of the search functionality for locating guidelines quickly and easily.

Continuously Improving Apollo Products for Maximum Efficiency

At Apollo Managed Care, we understand that time is a precious commodity.  With that in mind, we continuously look for ways to make our guidance even faster and easier to use.  In addition to the web portal search functionality, users are now able to use the keyword search within each individual guideline.  This makes it even easier to locate the information you need and minimizes down time for increased productivity.

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